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This artwork is an attribute to my mother.

I'm hoping that sharing a bit of what was going on with my life might help someone and make them realize they are not alone.

My mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (Stage 4 Brain Cancer). My mother’s health was my top priority;hence, my dreams were put to a hold. It was a long, stressful, and painful journey. My siblings and I were the caregivers. She was a loving, kind and supporting parent. It was our time to payback and be there for her when she needed us the most. The roles were switched and we came to understand what parenting is and appreciate what she had endured through the years to raise us. It was agonizing to watch her health rapidly declining and there was nothing we could do. She was a fighter and a believer. She never gave up, but unfortunately she lost her battle.

She believed in me and was my number one supporter. She loved watching me paint. Trees and mountains were her favorites. I wanted to take some time to mourn the loss of my mother, but now l am back.

Spring is here. It is a time for new beginnings and a time to thrive. I’m thankful for having people in my life who helped lift me up.

Please feel free to share with me how you're doing too!

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