Welcome to my gallery! My name is Manar Hawsawi. I am a self-taught artist. I started painting after I have been told that I have a unique talent in passing on positive vibes to others. My paintings are reflection of my inner self.

Art is an ocean; every time you dive within, you will come up with a new treasure. This what makes it special. Art is like cooking; the recipe is easy, all that you need is to pour some love in your colors, mix colors with passion and excitement, and paint with affection. Furthermore, art is so forgiving, there is no such a thing as failure. Every unsuccessful attempt is a lesson you learn. Never have regrets. If something does not work out, start over; as Bob Ross Said “ We don't make mistakes, we make happy accidents”.

I have launched my website to share the “ joy of painting” with you. I am in the process of learning and finding my voice. I know I will get there because I am determined to do so.